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Who can wear them?


Anyone! These extensions were built for anyone with fine/fragile hair to thick/full hair. As long as there is coverage on the scalp, we are able to customize the placement to fit your hair density style!

How do they blend with my natural hair?


Each weft is custom colored to guarantee it matches and blends seamlessly with your natural hair before we even install it! What really seals the deal is the haircut! It takes your extensions form feeling like a separate head of hair, to  swinging and flowing with your natural locks!

What is the maintenance like?


Your extensions will need to be moved up every 6-10 weeks!

Do these extensions damage your hair?


One of the wonderful things about choosing this style of extension, is that it does not damage your natural hair! Thanks to not using heat, harsh chemicals, or glue, your natural hair can grow easily and healthily while you enjoy your long and luscious new locks!

How are they attached?


We use a minimal amount of silicone lined beads to create the "row". We then stitch the wefts to that row creating a seamless and natural look! No tension, and no sore head for a week!

How long does the hair last, and is it real hair?


If you take good care of your hair and use high quality producs, the life of your hair can be anywhere form 9-10 months on average! It is also possible to replace single wefts at a time if needed!

And yes! We only use 100% human hair that is ethically sourced.

Can I wear my hair up?


Absolutely! You will have the ability to flip your hair up into a high pony, half-up styles, braids, and even PIG TAILS! Thanks to the unique installation method, the styling options with your new luscious locks are endless!

How do I book or get a quote?


Click the link to fill out our application. It will give us the details on your hair history and your hair goals. Once we receive that, we will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours with a personalized quote!

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