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What to expect?

Your experience with us will start by filling out our quick pre consultation form for extensionsOnce we receive that we will reach out and we'll go over any questions you have and get your services scheduled.


When you arriving feel free to park anywhere around the salon. You know you are at the right place when you spot the pink door. Once inside our hope is you feel comfortable right away. You will always be greeted with a warm welcome, good music and a cozy salon chair. We will have a mini consult again to go over the plan and future plans. While you relax I hope you enjoy the variety beverages and snacks we offer.


Once we got the game plan you will see your stylist mixing your customized color, hand picking your extensions and getting all the magical ingredients together for your services. You will never leave without a killer style so just expect to make dinner plans after your appointment *wink wink*

Our time we spend together will fly by. When our service is concluded we will make sure you have all the tools to rock this new hair on your own and get you set up with your next appointment! 

Sounds good??

Click the links below to get the party started!

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