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*Extension application & consultation required before scheduling an install appointment.

When we schedule your install we will take 50% of the service total as the non refundable retainer. The second half will be due at your install appointment.


We will send you home with a swag bag will all the essential you will need to get started.

  Handtied Hair Extensions 

K-Tip Extensions 

Stylists are certified in Invisible Bead and The Refinery Handtied Method. Both methods are made up of  1-3 rows of hair.  The hair is attached using silicone lined beads place around the head in the shape of a horseshoe. You are able to wear your hair up with comfort and flexibility. Requires move up appointments every 6-10weeks. Hair is reusable on average 10 months. 

Individual bonded extensions. Discreet, flexible and lightweight bonds that last 3-4 months. Attached using molded keratin tip around an equal amount of your hair. Hair is not reusable.

Handtied Maintenance Appointments 

*pricing varies per stylist*

1 row $150+  

2 row $300+

3 row $450+

Ready for your consultation and personalized quote?

Or want to chat about what method would be best for you?


We created an application so you can tell us your hair goals/history. After you submit your application we will reach out to answer any questions, give you  a quote and setup your complimentary consultation.

Customized Color and Cut

Please reach out for a price quote. Our stylist currently only booking color with an extension appointment.

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