My whole career I have been obsessed with hair extensions. For me I was drawn in with the ability to change someones look so instantly...Then I realized how truly life changing they are. It isn't about giving everyone long hair but about offering a solution to their hair insecurities /problems. You would be amazed how confident a women can become when her hair is right. Being able to be apart of this process is just everything I love and why I do hair.


I have dived into multiple methods over the years, always trying to find the best for my clients. The past few years I have specialized in a game changer...hand-tied hair extensions. I am now certified in 3 different hand-tied methods and a Elite Artist with Invisible Bead Extensions and I am obsessed! They are hands down the most flexible, comfortable, customizable, high pony ready extension method I have ever seen. I am able to create more density in your natural hair with this method but with less points of contact and the blend is real! Let me say it...there are actual hair extensions out there that aren't going to damage your hair but allow it to get healthier!! You combine that with seamless color.......baby you are unstoppable!

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Caitlin Friend

Owner/ Extension Specialist


Hi Babes! 

I have been a hairstylist for 10+ years. The industry always pulled me in. I was that typical high school girl who ruined all my moms towels from hair color and gave my friends really bad haircuts ( they volunteered! ) . I ended up graduating highschool early and went straight to beauty school. With my love for hair + connecting with people being a hairstylist just made sense to me.


You can find me in Denver at my home away from home, Lyon's Mane Color & Extension Studio. This is my second baby (as my husband likes to say) but it is actually named after my first baby, Lyon. He has the best hair ever and how could I not name my salon after a name like that.


 I wanted a private space where you can feel relaxed, revived and definitely have some laughs. At the studio you can always expect great music, yummy candles and snacks...they are always in stock. I try to not take myself very seriously and my goal is to make sure you have a space to express yourself without the fear of judgement.